Acronis True Image

I just got Acronis True image. Anyone familiar with it?
I have back-upped my computer onto a 2nd harddisk. But I do not know if I have back-upped just the C partition or all the other partition as well.
Anyone a clue? I read in the manual that if you restore your image, then all the partitions are overwritten! But it doesn’t say how to be sure you have backed up ALL partitions.
Since I don’t know the compression rate, I can’t extract what it has done, judging from the backup file size.
Besides… I want to know if I can backup (of course) and restore just (read only!) the C partition.


There’s the option to mount the Acronis image as a virtual disk. You can then view the contents with Explorer.

When running the backup you have to tick the partitions you want backed up. By default it selects just the C Drive/Partition or probably more accurately the operating system partition.

If there are multiple partitions in the image, when you mount the image it will ask you which partition to mount and display all the partitions in the image.

Thnx for the info TimC. Do you by any chance know if it is possible to backup and then restore ONLY the C-drive partition?

Yes, that’s no problem.

Just as you select what you want to backup you select what you want to restore & where to.

I use Acronis 9.0 to back up my WinXP Pro boot partition. Does anyone else find the directions “impossible” to follow? It is needlessly confusing to be “sure” exactly what is being restored. It says restoring the C drive to the selected partition when to be clear and precise it should say “restoring the .tib image file named xxx to the selected partition” or am I just dense? Likewise, NONE of the restore options work completely and the cloned partition will not boot. Luckily, the error appears to be a broken boot record and in the recovery consol this can be fixed pretty easily==but do you all have such problems or is my system somehow corrupted to start with?? In other words–Ashminbo, test and make sure your back ups actually work. /// Bobbo.

Does anyone else find the directions “impossible” to follow? It is needlessly confusing to be “sure” exactly what is being restored.
Yes, needlessly confusing.

That is a minor annoyance; I spent good money on this pgm., only to have it error on me more than once. If you google acronis error, you will get a boatload of hits. Their website has continual patches & fixes, almost as bad as M$oft.

My feelings are, if you spend all the time learning this program, updating/patching, researching error messages, & then in the end, the backup doesn’t work anyway, why bother?

Instead of all that needless hassle, I simply try my best to keep the system “clean”; Back up my critical files regulary; If I get into trouble, system restore is always an option, & if that doesn’t work, then I will reformat as a last resort. It would be nice if there was a “Rock Solid” backup option, but not with this software, IMHO…

I must say that I’ve had no problems backing up or restoring with Acronis.

I certainly feel confident that it’s doing the business for me.

Well dudes, this program is much faster then Norton Ghost, with which I have only bad experiences. So I “think” this is going to be my regular backup program. But I will only be sure after I try to restore my system. :wink:
I am trying to get a bug out of my system. After that I will backup and try to restore my system (read: C-drive).
About that bug in my system… I have a fast PC, but sinds 2 weeks ago, it sometimes freezes for a few seconds when trying to open a window or start a program. VERY annoying. I tried so far TUNE UP 2007! I even replaced my SATA cable to the MB. But it still has that annoying habbit. Weird thing is: after that “freeze” the system is very fast again.
My system:
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 2.13ghz
Mem: 2gb, ddr2 667mhz
Vid: 7600GT 256mb
HD: 1x250gb; 1x160gb
I haven’t overclocked anything yet.

Pff… lot of text huh?

When did you last defrag the drive?

And cleaned up some of the crap that gets created by Windows & IE? There’s a Windows tool for doing this. That’ll be My Computer , Right Click on the C Drive & properties.

What anti-virus are you running? Norton could have this effect.

Hi TimC,
I have Zonealarm as a firewall. Kaspersky is my virusscanner. I am not a norton user anymore. Not because they aren’t good, but they have “heavy” software, that use too much system resources.
I have cleaned my computer in so many ways… started with bugdoctor. Then Registry mechanic 5 and CCleaner. After this I defragmented the hard drive with O&O defrag.
Yesterday I installed Tuneup 2007 (NICE PGM!) and did a whole buch of maintenance. It found and corrected a lot of errors. But the main error remains.

The other thing that’s recommended is to delete the prefetch files in the Prefetch folder on a regular basis. There’s also a registry setting I believe I’ve seen somewhere about what gets stored here, like Windows apps only or all apps.

Any folder with loads of files that needs to be scanned can slow things significantly.

Otherwise looks like you’ve done everything you should have done.

Hey TimC,
I asked around and was told that deleting the prefetch folder is not the issue. It wouldn’t help. It is almost certain a HD fault.
They recommended me to use spinrite to check my harddisk. I will do so tonight.
Thnx again for the help.

Have a good weekend.

Please let’s us know the outcome.


I have been a True Image user since version 4 or 5 and have never been disappointed-

Before doing any backup - I run Registery Mechanic - CCleaner and Perfect Disk 8 - and have never had any problems-

True Image has saved my butt about 6 or 7 times - and I really recommend it-eh!

By the way is there a way for Acronis to merge the original backup archive with several incremental backups?

hey guys,
I ran spinrite. After that my system was fast. Very fast. But somehow that bug has returned (freezing) since yesterday.
Running spinrite again doesn’t help. It doesn’t find anything wrong with the harddrive.