Acronis True Image WD Edition?


There is 1 question I have about using Acronis True Image WD Edition with external usb drives. The Western Digital My Book external usb drive I have shows up as drive E when booted to the bootable CD which means any partition on the internal drive with drive letter E and beyond will show up as 1 drive letter past where it actually is when booting the computer without the usb drive attached. If an operating system is installed on drive E, it will show up as drive F when booted to the recovery media. If an image of that partition is created and later restored, will the restored image boot properly, or will this create an incorrect drive letter issue.?


The driver letter will be vary based on how your O/S is configured. As long as it points to the right drive C as the main then that all you need to be worried about. I use Acronis 2014 USB and my ext HDD shows up as E: and it functions just fine. So what is the actual problem your having? O/S Windows based must be on C: and it will show up as C: not as another drive. You can’t install a O/S on E: it will not let you-this is hard programed into the software something you can’t change. Your 2nd to last statement makes no sense here any Windows based O/S will not let it install on any drive other then C: drive.


Over the years I’ve installed Windows 2k on drive E, Windows XP on drive D, Windows 8.1 on drive I, and others. All install and boot fine with no problem. However, If Windows is installed on drive E for example and restored to drive F or any other different drive letter, it will not boot because the boot loader will be looking for it on the original drive letter on which Windows installed.


On another forum I read that a user of Macrium Reflect Free v6.3 said that its recovery media also assigns drive E for the external usb drive and drive letters that are E or later will appear differently than when booted to Windows, but he also says drive letters will appear correctly when boot to Windows after an image restore. Does anybody here have any experience with this issue with Acronis, Macrium Reflect or other imaging program and know whether or not a boot problem due to incorrect drive letter may be incurred when an image of an OS partition is created and restored when the drive letter on which Windows is installed is drive E or later drive letter?.

Also since the forum appearance of the forum has changed, I no longer see an option to edit a post after it is made. Am I simply overlooking it, and where is the edit option for a post if there is one?


bevills1 If you click on the dashes to the left of Reply you will get more options, there you will find the Edit button ( looks like a pencil )


Thanks for telling me what to look for to edit posts.

Test was done to create and restore image by booting to the Acronis True Image WD Edition CD with the Western Digital My Book usb drive connected which is shown as drive E. The Win10 partition was shown as 1 drive letter later than where Win10 was originally installed. The backup image was created and then restored with no problem. The restored partition booted normally, and all drive letters were assigned the original drive letters that Windows created when the drive was initially partitioned.

The different drive letters appearing when booted to the Acronis True Image WD Edition boot media when an external usb drive is connected makes no difference, and this is another positive attribute of the program. The more I use the program the more I like and trust its reliability.