Acronis True Image v.9 for Dummies?

Hi all,
Is it possible to create a guide for ‘Dummies’? I am a newbie and have always used Norton Ghost before. After trying to use the latest version of Ghost, I gave up (just not worth the effort to troubleshoot for days on end).
I had heard some great thinngs about TI and decided to give it a go…
Guess what, even more problems than Ghost!
All I really want to do is burn a backup of my C drive (and my other drives as well) to some DVD+RW’s. I have now ended up burning the backup jobs to another drive and will burn them via drop and drag (Nero), but why is it hot possible to do it direct to the DVD’s without so many problems?
I have searched the Acronis forums and tried everything suggested (new version of the INCD tool, formating UDF style, etc) but nothing works.
My first error is W000040011 insert the media marked “Volume 1”, when I hit retry nothing happens. Clicking cancel results in getting the next screen (the correct one) with the proceed button!
Then I either get an error message ‘Disk is full’, with the poor media thing (I am using Verbatim DVD+RW, so thats BS) and/or the ‘error writing to the file’.
This disks have been formated according via Nero INCD and are EMPTY!
I am more than a little frustrated and am hoping some wise soul can help out.
My system specs are:
Win XP Pro SP2 (all the updates) system restore turned off for all drives
P4 3.0
1 Gig ram
Asus P4C800 MB (bios 1016)
2 Maxtor SATA hard disks Promise 2+0 stripe
TI 9 build 2302 (latest)
Thanks in advance,

I would just wait for someone at the acronis forum to reply to your post that you made. When TI9 came out, lots of bugs. I avoided upgrading untill they fixed TI9. Looking for your answer, looks like version 9 is trouble. The last good version of TI8 is build 937 which I am currently using. Sorry cannt help you, but with all the bugs v9 is having, see if you can get version 8 build 937. Or get your money back from v9 :slight_smile:

The newer version of InCd I can’t get to work…the old version w/ nero 6 works just fine for me.

step 1…open true image and click on backup…see pic 1

step 2…at the next window…click next…see pic 2

step 3…at the next window…tick “the entire disk contents or individual partition” box and click next…see pic 3

step 4…tick the drive u wanna back up and click next…see pic 4

step 5…pick which dvd drive u want and give the backup an name(i just use the stock “mybackup.tib” acronis auto does for you…see pic 5(a small window will appear asking you to put in a blank disc…you can if you want to…it’ll ask later for one also)

step 6…at this window tick “create new full backup archive” and click next…see pic 6

step 7…at this window tick “use default otions” and click next…see pic 7

step 8…at this window type in instructions on how to use the image backup if you ever have trouble installing it…kinda for dummies but u can leave it blank if u want then click next…see pic 8

step 9…this is the last step…when you click proceed…it will ask for a disc…insert one and wait for it to format…see pic 9 and 10…if it pops back out and asks again…try again…if the same…it’s not responding w/ InCd which means InCd isn’t working correctly(in sync w/ nero 6 or acronis) so I would uninstall it and reinstall InCd and try again.It worked good for me on the try…took me only about 12 minutes to backup my HD…(InCd is a pain in the A** app that only works when it feels like it…:O)

In my opinion, the best thing is to save True Image Bachups on your HD and then burn them with a regular burning. I suggest you don’t use packet writing softwares because they give many problems.

If you set True Image to split your backup images in segments of 1 GB, then you can save each segment in a regular DVD. In my opinion this is safer.

Yo Geno-

Have to disagree with you here-

Set it to increments of ‘3.8gb’ - that way you can go to the increments and burn them with Nero to individual DVD discs and avoid the use of InCD (which should be removed from the computer) IMO-


I agree. I used for some time, but it give me only problems.

Sorry if I’m wrong, but I suggested to split in segments of 1 GB because larger files can’t be burned on an ISO dvd. All segments can be burned on the same disc (up to 4 segments of 1 GB each). A single file of 3 GB can’t be burned on a single DVD. Isn’t it correct?

just a thought, why not burn it to a DL disc, might cost a little more but a good solid backup is worth a few extra bucks.

For what I know, the problem is not total capacity of the disc, but the max dimensions of each single file. A Data disc cannot contain single files larger than 1 GB due to the limitations of disc file system. If I’m not wrong.


Dual Layer disc cost $2 to $4 each-

Taiyo Yuden 16x costs $.35 each

Dual Layer = not reliable

Taiyo Yuden = reliable

For archiving purposes the single layer disc would be preferred-

Geno - Acronis True Image will set itself to 3.8gb - probably to compensate for leadin and leadout-

And again - InCD is NOT the way to backup to disc-

Best to backup to external harddrive - then copy the 3.8gb increments over to DVD for redundancy-


Thanks guys for the help. The gang at Cdfreaks can always be counted on to give you pros and cons and that reallly helps when you get these ‘head scratching’ problems…
Best Regards,

Speaking of True Image v.8.0, getting ready to purchase same from including a 80G internal hard drive and IDE cable to backup to the single HD on my Dell with XP SP2. Toothless are there any other build levels of v.8 besides 937 that are more or less debugged? Newegg has a good price on the software CD and would like to know if I should only purchase if it is at that rev level? Also, any compatibility issues between TI v.8 and XP SP2?


If you can get TI v.8 - do it!! You can then download the 937 off their website-eh!

No issues here with TI v.8 and SP2-


Thank you Mike. A heads up to those who aspire to obtain TI v.8. Guess it doesn’t matter based upon what Mike wrote above, but I have an e-mail into Acronis right now trying to correlate their software model number to build level. NewEgg warehouses TI v.8 for example and want to confirm model number is latest version before ordering. Conversely, drop ships directly from Acronis so am assuming that is the safest route to attain latest build level of v.8. Both on line retailers sell the hard CD disk software for about $37 or so.
Will let the board know if I learn anything further and thanks again.

I’ve been using V8 for a long time now. I keep two images in the slave HDD. Only OS and Software, and update every two or tree weeks. I keep all my data in the slave HDD and put shortcuts of data folders in the desktop for quick access to data.
The only minor issue with TI is when re loading the image the USB mouse doesn’t work, so I plug an old M$ serial mouse and the way it goes. :slight_smile:

The only minor issue with TI is when re loading the image the USB mouse doesn’t work, so I plug an old M$ serial mouse and the way it goes

Your motherboard should have a BIOS option for Legacy USB support, which should enable USB mouse and keyboard when booting to TI or DOS.