Acronis True Image to ND-3500 = IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL crash!

Yes - I am able to write the image to a networked hdd. That’s what I’ve done for now.

I haven’t tried this, but didn’t want to burn so many disks. I’d rather use dvd’s.

I have memtest, may try it, but I never have a prob. with any other activities. So I really think it is a driver or software issue.

After going back and forth with Acronis, I don’t think this issue is going to be resolved. I think I will end up writing the images to a hdd and then burning the dvd’s. I really wonder if a device that was on Microsofts HCL would still have this problem or what though…

honestly i think it has to do with the fact you are trying to trigger burning across a network. try it once directly on the machine you are using (backup the computer that has the drive to the drive)

shared drives be they hard drive or optical show up as a hard drive across a network and the program will assume that is what they are and try and use them in that fashion a better way to do it would be acronis server loaded on the machine with the drive and set it up to image the remote drive to the local burner. that might work but the other i doubt will work because of the way shared drives work in MS

i may just install incd for a few minutes to verify it will work if i get bored enough tomorrow