Acronis True Image to ND-3500 = IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL crash!

Hi, Hopefully someone here can give me some advice on clearing this up. I have an NEC ND-3500AG dvdrw. I am attempting to use Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation to write an image from a remote workstation to my shared dvdrw (dvd formatted with UDF 2.0 using Ahead InCD). Everything seems to proceed fine until the program tries to start writing to the dvd drive. Then I get a blue screen crash with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I’m running Windows XP Pro with SP2.

My dvdrw is not on the Windows XP HCL. I cannot find any updated drivers for it. I did find updated firmware (official v3.19) but have not flashed it yet since I’m not confident it will make any difference with this crash (any opinion on that?).

I can successfully write files directlly to the dvd using Windows Explorer on the remote workstation so it seems that the basic functionality is working.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I have the same problem as u but with nero, it happend from time to time when my nec 3520 is burning a cd or maybe earlier lg. I cant find any solution on it:(

Did you check if you have some 3rd party (non-MS) IDE drivers? Maybe turning off the integrated XP burning engine can help too.

I just replaced a failed hdd, and had to reload everything from scratch. I have an asus p4t533-c mobo. I am not at work now (where the machine is) but I think I loaded the asus driver update utility (or was it the Intel driver update utility) or something like that. I’ll have to take a look tomorrow. I also loaded the Intel Application Accelerator. Could that cause problems? I know that NEC says to uninstall that before flashing their drives.

I went ahead and flashed the drive to 3.19 but have not had a chance to check for the crash since flashing. Hopefully I can get a chance to do that tomorrow also…

I rightclicked the dvdrw drive > properties > recording tab and the “desktop cd recording” was not enabled. Is this what you were talking about when you said to disable the XP burning engine?

I also checked the drivers on all of the ide devices in device manager, all are microsft drivers…


EMail Acronis Tech Support for help. They will work with you to resolve your problem !!!

Try search in google, there is a lot problem with BSOD and post like yours.The problem could be software, USB drivers and other things, so ur chance to find a solution ar ~10% :slight_smile:

I was getting “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL” with Windows 2000 a couple of years ago and i narrowed it down to defective memory, replaced the simm and the error has never returned.

I made the changes discussed earlier including latest firmware, but I still get this error when I try to have Acronis write the dvd. I have never had this error in any other situation.

I have emailed Acronis about the problem.
Here is their first response:

Thank you for choosing Acronis Software!

Could you please read the following Microsoft articles concerning the troubleshooting IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error:;en-us;Q314063

Thank you.

Best regards,

And here is their second response:

The most probably reason is a driver conflict. We suggest you to apply to Microsoft support with this issue.

Not a lot of help there…

Sounds like your ram is the problem to me, a stick on its way out? Timings too tight? or maybe you got the its frequeny to high?

Or maybe u have logitech usb mouse??

I also checked the drivers on all of the ide devices in device manager, all are microsft drivers…

Those are the wrong drivers to check. You want the IDE controller drivers. Please post what controller driver is in use.

Short of doing a memory dump and having MS analyze it for you (fat chance), there’s no way to know what exactly is causing this. But the odds are very high it’s a driver, since you do not get the error any other time. I would ask Acronis for a list of known driver conflicts. Since you are burning over a network, the list of possible conflicts is long. Would it not be simpler to have Acronis write it’s images to the machine that the burner is on and burn them in any data burning program?

Why are you using a disc formatted by InCD? That alone is potential cause for a BSOD. I would remove InCD completely, as it is a known conflict with many things. Saving images in UDF is also questionable, as these discs can sometimes fail you.

I plan to put the image onto the hdd of the machine that has the dvd burner and then burn with nero (that is really my only option at this point).

Excuse my ignorance on this part, I don’t really understand this all that well. But the way I understand it is this: For TI to burn an image directly onto a dvd, I have to have a dvd in the drive and formatted so that it can have files written directly to it, and the only way to do it as far as I know is with something like Roxio’s direct CD or Ahead’s InCD. Also - as far as I can tell, the dvd has to be in UDF format if I’m burning a single file larger than 2GB (not sure about that though…).

Drivers - the IDE ATA/ATPI controllers devices are

  • Intel 82801BA Ultra ATA Storiage Controller - 244B
  • Primary IDE Channel
  • Secondary IDE Channel
    all three list microsoft drivers, version 5.1.2600.2180.

I’m wondering if it could be a network card driver?

You are correct. To burn a DVD with TI you need a UDF file system installed and you can only write to DVD-RWs that have been formatted.

AFAIK, any time you have a disc in the drive that is formatted by InCD, InCD will lock the drive. This may well be the source of your issue. I can’t offer any knowledge of formatting a disc for TI, cause I don’t use it. (I won’t even allow a InCD-like program on my system) I do know that most imaging programs will create a bootable disc, which I object to because it can cause other issues. I much prefer to keep images stored on a secure HD, which is far easier for restoring anyway. I then use DVD only as a deeper level of backup. I have the images split into 700MB chunks anyway, then just copy them from HD to DVD with Nero. Then if I do for some reason need the DVD copy, I would just copy it to HD and then restore from there. I’ve never had anything but trouble with reading and writing to opticals from imaging programs.

I almost forgot. TI doesn’t require a UDF file system for CDs. Therfore, you could backup your system on CD-R or CD-RW without InCD or Roxio.

ok lets see… burning across the network to a shared dvdrw with backup software using DLA. umm how about this. try imaging to a different storage device like a hard drive and then burn it to a dvd. since that is what i do with acronis (you can even make the dvds bootable with info from HERE )

Ok in mycase when i get this bsod it was becouse of ram, a lot of errors try memtest in dos.

loki were you doing this across a network to a shared dvd?

No i use ghost, so dont need TI

Most drive imaging issues are caused by software conflicts IN WINDOWS. Only LAZY and un-informed people image the partition in windows. It’s very difficult to lock-down the OS to achieve a stable snap shot of the image file.

Use BOOTIT NG or equivalent to run the image program OUTSIDE of windows. This ensure a 100% stability, because the imaged partition is COMPLETELY INACTIVE!