Acronis True Image - Is Version 9 Better Than Version 8-?




Have been an Acronis True Image user for years - and they are currently offering a $30 upgrade from Version 8 to Version 9 - and I am trying to get advise as to whether it is worth upgrading-eh!




does it have any more features?, as i’ve V8 and it works great & i don’t think i’ll upgrade for a while yet.

i did buy V9 off of ebay, buy it was a warez download and i eventually got my money back from the seller, inc P&P, never installed it tho.


I would say it´s only newer


I finally dumped norton for good last november and picked up Acronis TI v.9…couldn’t be happier. I was really missing ghost but not the other bloated crap. Anyway, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of advantage for you re: upgrade. I’ve never used previous versions, but aside from a feature to burn directly to a dvd (without 3rd party software…which I seriously doubt you care about), as others said, I think it’s just newer.


i’m sure you have to install some packet writing software in V9 to burn directly to DVD, i’m sure there’s a thread in this forum or the newbie forum asking about it.


I find version 9 to be more intuitive and user friendly.
It’s idiot proof.

I don’t even have to have it installed on my system.
I install it only to create a bootable CD and do the initial backup.
After that I uninstall the program and use the bootable CD to do everything.
Anything you can do from the installed program, you can also achieve from the bootable CD, except scheduling.
The interface is the same for the bootable CD as it is for the installed program.


I find Acronis TrueImage v9 better compared to v8, because now you have the possibility to make a backup directly to DVD without using third-party burning-software. I did some testing with Acronis True Image Home 9.0 build 3633. Even restoring an image of WinXP from a bootable DVD on a different harddisk, didn’t cause any problem. Windows did boot up. I am satisfied with the new integrated burning function to DVD.


Is this program anything like NTI Backup?


Acronis trueImage is THE backup program I would recommend. I have used 8 myself and updated to version 9. It is well worth the price (pays off) if you have a lot of backing up.

I really like version 9, it is amazing how you can customise partitions to backup, etc… The custom options are great. And - what I like about version 9 is the ability to backup only selected folders and restore only selected folders or even single files - something that was not possible in version 8.

It is FAST too ! It didn’t take time at all to clone my 120GB HDD into another, it works at the full speed of the HDD and controller. I was glad to see it supported my external USB enclosure, even when running from a boot CD !

Check on the website first, the what’s new in Version 9 section - If you really don’t need the extra features then you might as well use version 8.



GREAT answers from all - think I will bite the bullet and go up to version 9-

Thank you to all for the efforts and support-eh!!



Check the price on Newegg, I purchased ver 9 for under $30 a few weeks ago. Great software.