Acronis True Image and LAN backups

Can Acronis True Image backup hard disks in LAN :confused: ?

I would like with my PC (which is more powerful) to make a backup of a hard disk (boot) of another PC connected in LAN.
This way I shouldn’t install anything on the second PC and I would use the power of the first to make the backup (making the process faster). Is it possible?

Thanks :slight_smile: .

Check it. If it’s able to see network connected discs, then it can do the backup.

Probably, however, you need the [U]server[/U] version of acronis true image; I’m not sure that the workstation version is able to do this

By the way the second computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, so even if I would install the program on this PC I couldn’t.
So I really need a method to made a backup of the second PC through the first PC (more powerful).

Thanks for the help mate! But I’m afraid that it can only manage the backup of other computers (it makes sense on large LANs, where every computer should make their backups and utilize their own process power), with the need of installing the program on each PC (and the Management Console on the Administrator PC).

Can someone confirm this?