Acronis 'True Image' 9 - $25 Shipped


Newegg does it again - Acronis ‘True Image’ 9 boxed retail version $25 shipped - weekend sale here:

Good backup program at a very good price point-eh!

(and - yes alan - I know that version 10 has been released - but it is like Nero’s stuff - you want to wait 6-9 months for them to work out the bugs - before you buy the latest version)

yes alan - I know that version 10 has been released
You pickin on me again bigmike7?:slight_smile: :iagree:

To add to the quality of their customer service… I had a bug in version 9 and they tried for a few months to fix it and wound up giving me ver. 10 at no charge.

Can you install Acronis on more than one PC?


[B]@ alan1476 [/B] - After all this time together - do I know you or what-eh? :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

[B]@ chas0039 [/B] - what was the ‘bug’ -eh?


I use Ghost 2002 but I got Acronis True Image version7 a lil while back when it was free. Is there a big advantage to Ver10 over ver7? I don’t need the burn to DVD option because I image the OS partition from my 3 PC’s to the same NTFS HDD which I remove for safe keeping.

ver 10 is solid.

you folk in the US get all the best best deals…:frowning:

I agree V10 no problems here so far, but all I do is back up my HD to disc once a week.:iagree:

never had problem with ATI latest version
It sure beats reinstalling OS and all other software
15 mins vs 3hours+

If I mounted an image from the backup it would allow me to read but not to write to the image. Version 10 works.

V9 worked also for writing to disc, if thats what you mean’t Chas0039. Sometimes I get the facts mixed up.:confused:

Not really. Acronis allows you to mount an image to a virtual drive so you can access the data from within the image without writing it to a drive or disc. There are two ways to mount the image; one where it is read only and the other where it is read/write. The second method would not work on either of my two systems.

I have version 9, (the one that’s on sale), and I LOVE IT! Of course, I don’t use the option that Chas uses to write to an image once it is created, so I can’t comment as to whether it works properly on my machine or not. On the other hand though, it seems if you get version 9 like Chas did, and can’t get that feature to work with their technical support staff trying to help you, you just might end up with a free copy of version 10 too. (Hmmm… I may have to check that out and see if I have the same issue. Free upgrades are OK by me! :iagree: )


If I read / recall a review, version 10 runs on Vista, version 9 does not. For myself, Vista is one year plus away, so I’ll keep running 9. By the time I move to Vista, Acronis could be on/past 11.

I’m still all about Norton Ghost 2003 (especially the DOS app), but appreciate good deals. :slight_smile:

Thank goodness for places like Froogle, PriceGrabber and others.

if anybody does decide to buy ATI from a software vendor beware that some sell fake keys.

read more about it here