Acronis True Image 8



I have tried to install Acronis True Image8 and I cannot get the system to reboot. I am using ME and trying to transfer the OS to a slave drive I have installed that has a lot more room. When I follow the prompt to reboot, I get the message of Windows Protection fault on the blue screen. Restart your computer. When I do the start up disk, I see the program and it looks like it is installed, but it tells me the serial number is not right. Re install which I cannot do nor remove. HELP!


Don’t believe you can have two active primary partitions in the PC at the same time. Clone the old hard drive to the new hard drive. Now remove the old hard drive and replace it with the new hard drive. Boot with the new hard drive (set jumper to cable select). Check for problem. If okay, then wipe data in the old hard drive and attach it as a slave to the new hard drive.


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