Acronis TI 11 burning to dvd

hey, i need some help on knowing how to create an disk image of my harddrive that will burn straight into the dvd. i used norton ghost before and in the acronis TI 11 is much better than norton for my needs but the only thing that i cannot work out is how to burn the image straight onto a cd/dvd like norton ghost does automatically, and not making 4.7gb split files

thanks in advance


Use your original acronis true image cd to boot up and start your computer with the acronis program - select drive to back up - and point it to your available DVD drive - in options select the 4300 size - have a bunch of good (verbatim or tayio yuden) dvd discs available and start your backup - following the instructions when it tells you to put in a new disc.

A much easier and far more reliable way - is to use an external hard drive to backup on to - I personally use a 250gb external Fantom hard drive that costs around $70-eh

You know what, I would not bother.

Acronis does not deal well with media.

The only backup software I found that did was Retrospect. What it did was effectively checkpoint its backup stream at the beginning of each media and if it did not like the media after writing to it, it would say something like media failed insert new media 10 or what ever it was.

Acronis tries to treat the the media as a disk, on bad media you get the old retry/ignore/cancel message after backing 10 dvd’s. A really helpful flush the whole lot down the drain and start over approach.

I do not know what the quality of Retrospect is now I stopped using it some years ago.

Save yourself a lot of grief and backup to another harddisk.

alrite kool, thanks for ur replies…

i just get an external 500gb harddrives and put them all on there