Acronis Privacy Expert Suite 8



I am a newbie and do not have in-depth computer knowledge. I have recently installed Acronis Privacy Expert Suite and have experienced problem when trying to exit Acronis Spyware Shield. In many occassions, my task manager reports that Acronis Spyware Shield is not responding and sometimes resulting in BSOD. Anyone having similar problem? Can someone tell me how to resolve this?

Forgive my poor English as English is not my first language. :slight_smile:


Hey there and welcome to CDFs!
First of all can you please tell us your PC specs and software that you have installed. By the sound of it, the crashes are due to a conflict in your soft/hardware. One quick fix you could try is to uninstall the program, reboot and then reinstall it. Also is this a trial version or a registered version we are talking about here?