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Hi Ya

just got hold of Drive Image 7.0 for both workstation and server. Whilist there downloading the electronic versions, you cant help but notice the other products they do. (no choice as they "show you" before you download)

The one that has really got me is OS Selector 8.0

With this tool you can put several instances of an operating system on a single drive in a number of ways. The one that i think would be cool is to create a partion and install a second copy of XP. You can boot into anyone or change between them on the fly if i remember correctly. Of course yo can put differnt OS'es on a single machine as well but i have no use for this.

Now correct me if i am wrong but this should mean you could put multiple installs of XP on your machine and setup different combos of burning /transcoding/authoring programs on each one . The beauty being the other OS install would NOT see each other and thus no conflicts between programs and the mess they cause in the registry when you delete one and try another trying to find a setup that works for your circumstances.

Each install of an app on a particular XP install could not see the one next door = less installing or as i was going to do re-installing a drive image to get over this problem of stuffed up registries....

Anyone got an opinion if this is right or not ?

Most interesting

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im sure there are easier ways to do it, but this way would work, almost exactly as you have written.

you may end up wanting to hide one drive from the next, though. never know what xp will do to itself.


@ ckin2001

How ya doin today? . Hmm it sounds interesting, but if there is a better way to do it i’m all ears. As i posted , i was going to setup drive images at various stages of installing diffent apps to fall back to when problems are struck , but this seems a better way.

Any pros/cons you can think of ? Has it been discussed around here before ?



cons - wasted hard drive space
can be done without a program like this (with some trouble)