Acronis 9.0

I have acronis 9 and due to the fact I don’t want to back my whole drive onto several DVD’s can I put the image onto my slave HDD and if needed restore the image from there?

Yes, I do in this way: it’s faster

Thanks geno888 I’m glad I don’t need to make a partition. I added to much hardware to this dell so I deleted the original image from the company due to it wouldn’t re install the image because of the hardware change. Again thanks.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I use a 120GB external drive for my back ups but I used the second HDD in the machine before the external was available. Both methods are good.


I also have used both methods - and using an external hard drive is the safest method - especially if it is dedicated to ONLY backups - unpluged when not actually backing up-eh!

thats what i do :smiley: