Acrocircle (Optodisc inhouse brand) makes an appearance!



Browsing DVD media at Frys Electronics yesterday, I stumbled upon a 25 pack of Acrocircle printable 4X DVD+R discs. (OPTODISCOR4)
The discs were on the shelf space reserved for Frys inhouse brand “GQ… Great Quality” media and were onsale for 14.99/25 pack.

Please excuse the very crappy mobile phone camera pic!


Thanks! I was disappointed to receive OPTODISCOR4 from NewEgg when I was expecting TYs, but I’ll admit that it seems like decent media. It burns well in both my Lite-on and NEC drives @4x. Haven’t tried it on the Plextor, cuz I only feed it TY & Maxell.


Let’s see some 4X Kprobe scans and CD-DVD Transfer rate tests on those bad boys burned with your various burners. :smiley:


No problem. It’ll give me something to do at work. :slight_smile: