Acquired unkwn Sony OEM unit, need firmware update




Newbie fits me like a “T”!

I did a Google search for Sony DVD RW DW-Q120A, and got a forum entry. I then joined the forum, and sent the sender a private message, but wanted to post too, please.

I acquired my unit from a repair shop doing work on my computer. I will contact him shortly, but your input might be valuable. My first burn attempts using Nero7, I got freeze-ups, and incomplete burns for DVD videos. Nero responded saying to contact the maker of the burner for a firmware update, with their tool showing I had firmware version PYS1.

Anyway, Sony says this unit is an OEM, (placed in a brand name of some computer, using their unit). They said contact that company, of which I have no knowledge, and probably the service man does not now know.

The forum entry I responded to sounded like they had a boxed, warrantied unit, of which Sony takes care of, but do not recognize my model, at least in the U. S. Mine was an out of box install.

Should anyone have any access to an updated firmware for this unit, I would be most grateful, or a name of the computer that used it.



Hiya :slight_smile:

Did Nero give you an error log, or an option to save one when the burn(s) failed?

If so, that’d be really handy in trying to nail down the problem :slight_smile:

Edit: Link to PYS2 on the CodeGuys site ;), although I’d try and see if members here can help you with the problem before flashing. :slight_smile: