Acoustica mp3 burning

Just downloaded acoutstica 4.32 and used it to make my first mp3 cd. When i play back the cd it has little gaps of about 1 second scattered through the recording which is a tad annoying. The original mp3 is a continuees radio mix and has no gaps at all, its just one long 2 hour track. Plese help

Welcome to CD Freaks.

Just how do you get a 2hour track on to a CD?

Anyway look at the preferences. There’s some stuff under Audio Processing that might affect it like incomplete song detection & fade out.

Of course it might be a feature of a trial version.

I’ll add that I very rarely use this software.

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the welcome. Ok so if i want to purchase a good all round program for burning mp3 cds what do you recomend. Doesnt have to be packed full of features, just somthing easy to use and cheap. Just got new stereo for car and it plays mp3 cds so keen to take full advantage. Thanks for your help tim.

I burn my MP3s with Roxio 7.5 . Version 6 , 7 & 7.5 work quite nicely for what I want to do & I’m sure that you could get something very cheap on Ebay.

CDBurnerXP pro is a decent free app. What you’d have to do with this is create a Data CD & just add the tracks & then burn. It won’t do anything with track gaps though.

Thanks for the help tim, already have a basic version of roxio on laptop which is easy and quick so think i will give that a go. Acoustica was only a demo so that might have sumthing to do with the gaps like you said. Go see what i can find on ebay :smiley: