Acoustic Solutions DVD-551 won't play some DVDs

Our player (Acoustic Solutions DVD-551) plays most DVDs fine, but won’t play certain DVDs. It looks like this player won’t recognise these DVDs (which play OK on my laptop), as TV screen is flashing various colours and player control buttons won’t work. Only way out is to switch player off and then on again, and eject DVD while it is loading.

Four DVDs which won’t play are: “Life of Brian”, The Crying Game" “Crush” “and now for something completely different”. It doesn’t seem to be a region issue, as three of these were bought in UK and one (“and now…”) in Canada.

Any ideas what is happening here please?

Thanks, Peter

It does not seem to be a region problem as a relevant error message would be displayed by the player in this case, though you can never know.

It is, by the way, an excellent budget player, coping with almost all type of media.
This is the way how to make it region free, to be on the safe side:
And here you can read some views of other users about your player: