ACMFORMATCHOOSE structure too small?

Not sure if this is a plextools problem or a larger windows based problem but plextools is the software that actually reported the error.

Background: Running WinXP PRO SP2 opened wavelab to edit a current project and needed a track I had burned 6months ago. So I inserted the disc played it with media player (closed it) then in wavelab I when to IMPORT AUDIO FROM CD and then my entire system froze. This happened with every piece of software I have that is capable of Digital Audio Extraction. Every thing but Plextools froze up the system Plextools was the only one to report an error and WINAMP was the only one that reported the error in the windows EVENT VIEWER.

the error Plextools reported is as follows:

“The buffer identified by the pwfx member of the ACMFORMATCHOOSE structure is too small to contain the selected format. - error opening stream”

anybody else ever get this.
by the way this is th first disc I’ve tried to extract from with my PX-755SA

Possibly a MS error. See

(To use the dynamic tone of a deep thinker) "What does that Mean?

Can a piece of hardware such as my newly installed Promise SATA150IITx2 controller be to blame or my less recently installed PX-755sa?

Also, the link to the knowledge base above says the code is for windows 2.1*-3.0 (not to sound like a complete idiot but doesn’t window xp pro move out of the range of windows 3.0?)

Sorry for going off. But I’, frustrated and would very much not like to re-install windows only to find that one of my components could corrupt the pwfx member of ACMFORMATCHOOSE.

Thanks for the link though I scout around the area somemore.