Acme DVD+RW (Optodisk OP4 001) can't burn at all

Bought 2 DVD+RW’s today Acme and EMTEC, both are turned out to be “Optodisk OP4 (001)” heh and can’t burn em at all.

When burinin it with nero it just says disk not empty and prompts to erase and does nothing it just circles, when u click ok and it starts formating it it gives warning again and again and it never ends.
If u erase it from nero menu it says “Invalid field in command” in the end.
Yeah and nero info tool and cd-speed says disk is empty.

My drive and firmware in sig.

Have you checked to make sure that DMA is enabled on your drive?

Yeah nero info tools says its enabled.

I’m sure you must mean OPTODISC OP4 !

If CD-DVD Speed thinks it is blank, please try a “Create Data Disc” function and see what happens!

Also, what version of Nero are you running?

Nero and its OPTIDISC :slight_smile:
CD/DVD-Speed created disk fine… And nero was able to erase it fine to.
I was trying to record was UDF v1.02 file system disk first, cant they be recorded on DVD+RW’s, ever if they can’t why when after that i tryed to erase disk with nero it gave me that “Invalid field in command” error first?

Just burned normal ISO and it burned.

Ok just tryed EMTEC one and it gave me same error on formating, but when i tryed to burn ISO with nero i seen this message in log:

Burn process started at 2.4x
Start Formatting Disc before burning
Formating disk was successful

And now nero erases it without errors. Starting to think disk was not formated, u need format dvd+rw’s before using them?

Ok it burns UDF file system just fine when i created new compilation, prior to this i was trying to burn saved .nri compilation, i belive its Nero bug…

Only one thing bothers me now, should u format dvd+rw before u use it first time and would’nt it be logical for nero to format dvd+rw when u erase them for first time instead of giving this error?

Isn’t that a fake company invented for Road Runner cartoons?

No, it’s not. Its factory is based in Lithuania. For DVD media it uses Optodics as OEM.

You know the joke is that acme means “the highest point of development” right? So it sort of means something like “the best”. Yeah right.

Yay, GREAT! (meep-meep)
Your media had to be formatted because you’ve used another filesystem.
I’d suggest to use DVDInfoPro for formatting/erasing RW.

Funny, as I was going to make the same comment myself. Something about products always being defective. :iagree:

What it can do that nero 6 cant?

P.S. Where i asked if need format i did not ment erasing -rw disk, there was sone 1 time formating when u buy new -rw disk and try write it first time, i never seen this “…formating…” message when burning this -rw with nero second and third time etc.


You can also try CD-DVD Speed inside of the Nero Toolkit.

Nero struggles to format or erase RW media correctly or even doesn’t allow it in many cases. It’s known as bugs, some versions are fine, most versions of Nero have such bugs.

Normally, a RW has to be formatted before the first usage, even some only need a quick format which would not even noticed by the user, depending on how the software handles it.