ACLU lawsuit targets DMCA - can they reverse it !?

I just posted the article ACLU lawsuit targets DMCA - can they reverse it !?. reports that the The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is going to try to reverse some parts of the DMCA, the evil copyright law where currently a lot of Americans are suffering…

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Let me sum up the judicial system ( as it applies to computer users, digital copywrite, etc etc) " We the unwilling, advised by the unqualified…shall I continue ???..:7

Wait a second, I thought that the ACLU was only interested in “helping” minorities in the USA? Certainly most of their bitching and moaning, in the past, has been when someone that could be considered a “minority” was being “taken advantage of”. Another strange thing about the ACLU is I could have sworn that they were on the side of the left wing liberals? WTF?! I’m confused…

I praise and cheer whoever turns against the DMCA. The DMCA is a fucken evil law. FUCK the DMCA!!! The law can rot in hell!!!