Ack... LG 4120B I think I made a big mistake! Any info on this?



Hi all...

Well, nothing like a purchasing blunder to make one research adn find great sites like this one.

Anyway, here is the deal:

On my last system I had a nice burning setup... LG 8160 and LG DVD Reader (forget model#).
Anyway, I was able to Clone everything and never had a single problem.

Now, I built a new system... really nice system... I thought I'd go with the same quality I had enjoyed in LG... and hey, this time I was going to save a Drive Bay and some $ and get the 4120 COMBO drive.
I am thinking I made a big mistake, I tried to backup some CD's I had done before and no good.

In my rage I engaged in an orgy of coaster making... I think I tossed 12 ruined CD's before I accepted the fact that I had gotten stuck with this MP3 writer.

...anyway, here I am.

I guess I am just looking for any more info on my new combo writer. Am I screwed?
Could firmware fix this? I upgraded to the latest 2.02.
It's a crappy feeling buying something you can't use... and I can't return it (already thought of that -- been too long).

Any info appreciated :slight_smile: