Acer X1700



Hopefuly I have posted this question in the right spot. I have a Acer X1700 pc and I need a updated firmware for my DVD a dh16a6s dvd writer all the firmware iv found doesnt work or its for a dell oem PC. I would like the firmware for the Acer machines.


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you need Acer customised firmware for your drive. The only source for this is Acer support. If they don’t have firmware updates (this seems to be very likely with Acer), then you are lost unless you are ready to risk your drive and try crossflashing to Liteon Retail (or other OEM) firmware. Of course this will void your warranty.

May I ask what do you need another firmware for your drive? Very often, issues are not firmware related.



My dvd drive burns cds no problem but it burns dvds 1 out 10. I tryed different batches of blanks from most expensive to the cheapes and still the same results. I asked acer about the problem and they took so long to get back to me now my warrenty is void.



you may try if carefully cleaning the lens gives an improvement.
Additionally, you may use Imgburn (free!) to burn a DVD and post the log here. Sometimes this helps narrowing down the problem.



I think i explained my self wrong the dvd drive wont read blank dvds 1 out of 10 but it reads dvds with movies on it with no problem. But if i can get the drive to read a blank dvd i will use image burn to post a log.

Thank you everyone for the quick replys and suggestions.


Okay. Factory pressed DVD are fine, writeables are not. This is even a stronger indication for a lens that needs some cleaning.



I tried cleaning the eye with a DVD lens cleaner still no luck.


Hm. Please provide an ImgBurn log.