Acer VID 0402 PID 5602 requires a Bison camera webcam driver



After spending several hours trying to find out what driver this is and going through hundreds of spam results on Google searches (i.e. these VID/PID numbers in the title, but either off-topic or selling “Driver discovery software”), I eventually gave up and started trying every webcam driver Acer listed on their laptop support page, in this case the Aspire 5103WLMi and eventually I found one that worked. :slight_smile:

The driver that worked for me for the laptop running Windows Vista x86 is the Bison camera driver version, which can be downloaded from this Acer support page.

Hopefully this post is useful for someone else who happens to reinstall their OS, only to run into this same missing driver issue as me.



are you talking about an Acer laptop?
If so, have you noticed the "[I]Need to know the hardware on your system to choose the right drivers?[/I]"Klicking on the “info” icon next to that will give you a tiny tool helping to identify the hardware used on your personal Acer laptop. :slight_smile:



It would have been nice if it showed that link earlier. If I go to the driver page from their homepage (which I was doing earlier), the info link you mention does not show (screenshot) and the drivers page seems to look different entirely compared to that driver page at the time of writing the above page.

However, I’ll save this utility in case I need to look this or another Acer laptop again. Thanks for the tip. :wink:


Admitted, acer-euro website is really dated.
Well, I usually go via their main website, (or for me) and click through to get to the download section.
And with good eyes, you will find this hardware detection tool :slight_smile: