ACER to launch first dual Blu-ray & HD DVD PC

I just posted the article ACER to launch first dual Blu-ray & HD DVD PC.

At present, there are a handful of high-end PCs that feature either a Blu-ray or HD DVD drive. However, with no clear sign of a winning format, Acer has made the decision to ship its high end…

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They’re not the first. HP launched a desktop PC with a Blu-ray/HD DVD drive a number of months ago.

“The desktop computer features an ATI X2400 Pro 256MB PCIe graphics card” This PC must be for noobs. I wouldn’t touch the 2400 Pro with a 10 foot pole. I had an argument over the weekend with someone who was told by a friend that ACER made the best notebooks in the world. I told him the fella who told him that was wrong. That would be like saying RCA makes the best televisions. :r

Toshiba, NEC and HP are all far better than Acer.

@ Warped Agreed.