Acer to launch Blu-ray equipped laptops

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Acer has announced its plans to launch two large Blu-ray equipped laptops in the second quarter this year, one with a 16" display and the other with an 18.4" display. As most homes…

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Any word on when they might have HD-DVD drives? :B

i for one will not replace my $6000 DVD collection with sony blueray shit

@ mentor You spent only $6,000? I’m down for $12,000, or about 650 DVDs. Blu-ray won’t see any coin from me.

18.4" is not bad as a desktop replacement for execs but watching TV on a lap? :r The only acceptable laptop screens I’ve seen are made by apple and even on those they have to sacrifice colours, brightness, contrast and viewing angles for energy savings. Forget laptops, I’m having hard time choosing a 24" lcd display - none of them has a CRT picture quality or even comes close to big LCD TVs from sony and samsung.

I hope Sony chokes on Beta-ray. They don’t deserve a cent for their anti-consumer and bullying tactics.