Acer tablet extremely slow5


I have Acer Iconia W500 tablet running W7 Pro x32. It has an AMD C-60 1 GHz processor with 2 GB RAM[1.6 GB usable]. I bought the tablet several years ago used and it always worked fine. About a year and a half ago I moved back to my home place and the tablet wasn’t used for 6 or 8 months. When I git the tablet out and booted it it took forever to boot. Then when using the tablet it was extremely so so that at times I had to sit and wait for an extended time before it would open my homepage, site, etc. I couldn’t find anything wrong with the tablet so after several months I did a fresh install of the OS.

The tablet worked fine for about a month and has again slowed down considerbly. So I ran memtest overnight and the next morning memtest had run 10 passes and said to press some key to exit. There was no errors. I ran vivard with mapping and tere was no errors or remaps on the HD. But the HD is fairly new as I replaced the 32 GB HD that came in the tablet with a new 250 GB HD. I have ran a bunch of virus scans with different programs, all which showed no viruses. I also ran CC Cleaner.

I am stumped. Anyone have any idea why the tablet runs so slow? Thanks


Just to let anyone that might respond, this post is now moot as the tablet is now in the happy huntig ground of all departed tablets.