Acer sticks it to Blu-ray with a second HD-DVD laptop

I just posted the article Acer sticks it to Blu-ray with a second HD-DVD laptop.

Come on Blu-ray…you better get moving. According to this article over at Stuff
Magazine, not only can you snag an HD-DVD laptop from Toshiba, now you can get
one from Acer.Team

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1680x1050 is not good enough for 1080p 1080p is 1920 X 1080. Little things like this is why the consumer is so dumbfounded. Misinformation is the worst thing beside Copy protection of course.

Exactly what i was gonna say. For such model a DL dvd is “good enough”. HD in this case is totally pointless as the image wont be reproduced pixel to pixel. On 20" screen you dont need HD anyway. Look closer to the screen and all you can see is noise, not pixellation(like in case of cheap digital cameras). Putting in better performing drive is, in respect to the price tag in pounds, like using a tank engine on a fiat. Cheers.

A HD DVD drive that cannot write to HD DVD disks is worthless for most of us. 4x dual (HD DVD and Blu-ray) writer please.