Acer monitor

Hello All!
Have another problem. Watching movies one day, alls fine. Shut puter off, went out, returned and put a movie on. No signal to the Acer AL2216W. I have a dual monitor set up and the Viewsonic is fine. The power light is on and at power up it says “No Signal”. It’s not listed in the Device Manager, nor does ATI see it. My guess is having it fixed wouldn’t be cost effective but has anyone ever fix their own monitor? Never opened one up but is there a chance I’d actually find a “crisp” resistor and be able to repair it? Bummer. It had a better picture, and was a lot cheaper than the Viewsonic.
In my dreams, some one will reply, “press thr reset button located…”.

No kidding, no one has had a monitor go out! Never taken one apart? Every one just toss them and pick up a new one? Interesting. :confused:
Just thought I’d ask. I’ll post any progress just in case it comes up again. Always wanted to look inside one. LOL

I’d try it on the same jack as the monitor that works in case the drivers got messed up or something and now it’s just not doing dual monitor properly.
Mine was a bit picky about dual monitors when I tried it with my old CRT 21" and my new 19" wide acer, sometimes it would just quit doing the second monitor till I tweaked the settings or cycled power.
As far as repairing it not many shops do component level repairs any more so if it dies they just slap in whatever board they think is bad rather then trouble shoot the bad part/parts. I think Acer have a 1 year warranty anyways so it may be able to get replaced under that if it’s not too old.
A repair shop might get very spendy very fast if it’s not something easy like a blown fuse…

I believe I read that the main part that goes out is the backlight.
And it cost as much as a new monitor, if you can find a place to even get one.

I would reinstall drivers first as Dartman suggested,to make sure that it is the monitor and not something else.

Thanks for replying.

I think I’ll try the driver route next. I’ve switched cabels and ports, NG. Can’t really tweak anything, it’s not listed in the Device Manager or in the ATI set up panel. I even tried a VGA hook up. It’s just not recognizing the monitor. I’ll have to look up the receit, but I think it’s closer to 2 yers old. It’s a same, I really liked it better than the Viewsonic and considered another.
Well, thanks people. It’s always helpfull to bounce these things off some one else.

Well you might want to lookup Acer warranty policy, some of the better monitor company offer 3 year as well but I’m not sure what they do. I have a 19" wide Acer myself without DVI and it looks OK with no stuck pixels or anything but I mainly bought it because of the stooopid price they were blowing out the leftovers at.

Yea, price was the reason I went with Acer, and reviews were very good. I was pleasantly surprised at the great picture. Hopefully they have a great warranty. LOL I think mine had a 2 year, but we just moved, so the hunt is on for the papper work.

Yeah price was a big factor before and now days even more.
I had a couple go out after just a couple years,none were Acer’s but they are all throw away monitors now days.