Acer Media in Bombay?

Read at many places that Acer manufacturers good quality CD-Rs.

Acer India site shows them but, didn’t see them in any stores in Bombay.

Anyone got their hands on Acer Media ???:stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

I have a box of Maxell 650 MB cd-rs that are made by Acer that have worked well for me. I don’t know if all Maxells are made by Acer, or if they buy from many companies.

ATIP: 97m 22s 65f
Disc Manufacturer: Acer Media Technology, Inc.
Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 658.88MB (74m 59s 74f / LBA: 337349)

Isn’t Bombay called Mumbai now, or are they two different places?

Bombay & Mumbai are the same places.

Bombay - The old name.

Mumbai - The new name.

I personally like to say Bombay instead of Mumbai.

I personally like to say Bombay instead of Mumbai.

…so do most of my Mumbai (or rather Bombay) friends :slight_smile:

Anyways, there are no signs of Acer media in this part of the state too…out here the vendors swear by Sony, Samsung and of course dozens of the unbranded CDRs.

Well, they must be available at scarce places because I have seen them on Benq/Acer website.


Many Indians here. LOL.

Bhailog kya aap log apna emails share kar sakte ho ?

Apun Mumbai mei hai.

Lagta hai sab cablenet wale idhar tp kar rahe hai :slight_smile: Hehehe.

Mera email id :

I am a B.E. Computers.

Are you ppl all distriutors or something…? Or just casual users ?



Think there are only Bhailogs here. No Behenlogs. I don’t understand why ladki’s don’t like computers.

I have a dialup (STILL)

No reliable Cablnet walla in our Area.

my e-mail address is

Just became a Graduate in Commerce.

Well, I am just a casual user.

Hope everybody else will introduce themselves.

I already know a few of Indians on this forum.

LOL this is turning out to be a user-info thread!!

Me is a Pune-ite - No internet cablewalas here - so I access over a dial-up modem. But mostly I am online at my workplace - so over an ISDN line :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a software-professional and in this industry for more than 2.5 years. Have done my Masters in Comp Sc.

Sad to see no ladkis out here :frowning: Well I suppose ladkis don’t reach out for the facsinating things in life!!


Its true what you have said ExpertTech.

This post is completely off the topic. :bigsmile:


Where to buy CDRs in Mumbai.

I get it from Laminton Rd.

Any better place than Laminton ? :bigsmile:


Can I get a better deal than above ?



I think its the best deal to my knowledge.

My local retailer sells those for Rs. 18 per piece.

Lets get back to the Original Topic - Anyone found Acer Media ???

Just sent a query to Acer/Benq India for availability of their media.

Will post the reply here, when I receive it.

They are slow in replying though :bigsmile:

You can buy Acer Media Online in India

Check out the link here

Look at the prices though !!!

40 bucks a disc… yea right!!

Damn! They’re expensive. Rather settle for some alternate (and as much good) media. 49 bucks a CD is expensive man!!

They are too costly.

I have found myself Princo 2x-48x media which is INR 10.50 per piece.

These cheap CD-Rs rocks.

All green sectors.

I think I should still check the price of Acer at Lamington Road.

Arre yaars
Greetz from Mumbai!
I picked up some Frontech media, turns out to be from Ritek. Ritek=good right?
Also, I asked this guy… Cultural Book Center right opp. Lamington Road police station, he said he will get Acer media by the 15th of this month
Lemme talk to him and see…
Hey who all are in Engg in Bbay? Which colleges?

Jai Bhairav!!

Tere PC ka config to sahee hai yaar. Naya liya ya upgrade kiya? Main apne P3 ko upgrade karne ka plan kar raha hoon. TBird must be top class!! Main bhi AMD ka fan hoon (rather than Intel).

Good to see desi junta around :slight_smile:


Don’t know about the Athlons + Newers but, the K6-2s were really poor chips.