Acer laptop wifi intermittently sluggish

I got a new I5 acer aspire e5-574 series laptop, and it has the qualcomm 9377 internal wifi…
The problem seemed to be when I resumed from sleep mode that the wifi speed would become erratic during speed tests… a solid 67-68 megabits over 5ghz wifi N verus 25 - 58 megabits when sluggish… This would correct itself upon rebooting. I asked Acer c/s about this and they had me press the reset button on the bottom of the laptop to reset the laptop’s cmos battery to default ( I guess ). It was working ok for a few days, and then out of the blue it goes all wonky again and then just like that (no reboot, sometimes just turning off and on the wifi) corrects itself. No, the laptop itself is not really sluggish resuming from sleep-- that would have been a red flag and resulted in a return or an o/s reset diagnosis prior to bringing the damn thing back for a refund.

Could this just be 5ghz transient wifi interference causing it now?
Too many things seem to help it from going wonky to ok again…
Any ideas?

Always buy with intel wifi. What is problem it is hard to detect.

[QUOTE=tuddrussell;2779193]Always buy with intel wifi. What is problem it is hard to detect.[/QUOTE]

Hi tuddrussell and welcome to the forum :flower:
While that is a proven route for compatibility, it is a little too late for such an advice for tmc8080 :iagree:

There is a general trouble with Wi-Fi and sleep mode and of course it makes the question very hard to answer. It could be down to a driver problem (check for updated Acer drivers, try the original Atheros/Qualcomm driver and check if Microsoft have drivers by uninstalling the driver using device manager) and even the router could play a role (try to disable VMM in the advanced Wi-Fi settings for testing).

Personally I do not have access to this particular card and so can not try to replicate his challenge.
In this respect, any advice such as the above would be general and so I initially hoped that someone with the card would answer, but while I believe the laptop to be installed with Windows 10 home, there is no information thereof in his request which may have kept others from replying.

Fwiw, since pressing the reset button helps for a while, I think it is a driver issue and/or a BIOS update needed :slight_smile: