Acer Laptop VERY Hot

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Does anyone know why my ACER TM 4651 has its fan on almost all the time? I run it mostly with all thing like bluetooth, firewire, card reader etc disabled, with just the LAN on. The CPU is normally on either max or medium.

It has a centrino 1.6GHz which clearly isn’t that fast (and boy it feels like it when I have used an A64 for the last few years). My friend’s older HP Centrino 1.86 has its fan running much less frequently, as does my sister’s old Dell PIII. I don’t even live ina warm place!

Its damn annoying. Anyone know how to combat it (without buying special cooling or something like that)



ps-anyone had the same experience

pps edit- it is the GF Go 6600 64MB version which may have something to do with it

It is not strange at all for laptops to get pretty hot and some more than others (probably just the way the case and coolling on yours is designed). Short of changing setting where it powers stuff down and or down clocks your cpu when not in full use etc, about the only think I have heard of is beter cooling. You don’t have to spend a lot of money though. You can get notebook coolers (just a usb power pad that sits under the computer) for around 10-15$ and up. Even some of the cheap ones are suposed to work pretty well.

the problem is that they probably make a similar or slightly less amount of noise than my laptop fan. The thing that frustrates me most is that my friend’sHP is much better on this front - so it probably an acer thing … :frowning:

I’m not sure how loud your laptop is but there are some that are specifically designed to be quite. Just glancing on newegg, there is an aspire for 15$ that is rated at 19.5 dbA at its slower speed setting (thats not that loud). I would asume that there are others that are as quite? Is you laptop pretty loud?

I found a setting today to run the graphics card on low power settings (it was on max performance before) and it seems to be better (laptop making less heat) - the “nvidia powermizer”

If your CPU is at maximum or medium settings most of the time, it’s not so strange to have the laptop reach alarming temperatures.
I have a Toshiba M30X, and when I keep it at full power the fan runs all the time. It changes its speed varying from mildly annoying to full-blast hairdryer noise, but it never stops.
The key is to run the CPU in its low-power 600mhz mode whenever possible. In that mode, the fan will only start every once in a while to keep things under control, but most of the time the computer will be silent (provided you’re just browsing the net, or writing on word, or anyway not doing anything CPU-intensive).
If you’re using the thing for gaming and want the CPU to be at its maximum setting all the time, though, buy a pair of canalphones and forget about the fan altogether.

Just for the record…
I was browsing through a load of stuff trying to find details of how to repair a noisy fan on an ACER 4650 series laptop and found this thread.

I bought a new fan through

The full service manual for the acer 4561 for free is here

It’s in three parts and part one details how to get the case apart.
You open the case from the top/keyboard side, don’t remove any screws from underneath the laptop to get to the fan…it’s not necessary.
Basically on page 68 of the service manual it says “how to remove the thermal and blue tooth module”. The Fan is underneath this flimsy bit of plastic. Only dismantle whatever is needed to lift this in order to clean or replace the fan. Which means you take the plastic case off the power buttons above the keyboard, unscrew the keyboard and flip it back out of the way, and then remove a flat bit of black plastic that covers the fan. (sections like removing the LCD screen can be bypassed.)

OK when you lift the plastic you’ll see the fan. Encrusted with dirt and fluff probably. remove the two screws holding the fan as it says in the service manual and unplug it. Clean the fan and the little heatsink thing that looks like a tiny car radiator. Use a hoover and brush, but do take some static precautions just in case. The small car radiator style heatsink is very easy to block completely with fluff and that is pobably what your problem is. Reassemble the whole thing as in the service manual, going backwards of course!

You will find that the fan seldom turns on when you are on battery, but when it does it’s real quiet.
If it’s still very noisy like a rattly old train, then buy a new fan.

You can always email me if you get stuck!


Nice one Murtibing a little bit of knowledge from your personal experience is always welcome and will probably help many people.
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