Acer Laptop Software - Horrid!

I have recently bought an Acer TravelMate 4651. In windows XP Pro, as supplied by acer on the laptop and recover CDs, there are a few differences when compared to ‘normal’ win xp pro, which I am finding very annoying.

Firstly, the three buttons on the top right of all windows have a slightly different appearace - the white cross in the red box is slightly bigger and the restore/mazimise button is different. The fonts of everything (eg: title of a window, everything in the start menu, the desktop icon labels etc) seem to be slightly. There are probably other things that I haven’t noticed.

For some inexplicable reason, i am finding these very annoying, and i want everything to be the normal win xp font. I have tried display -->appearance --> and putting all these settings to default but they already were.

Anyone else found this to be the case, and any solutions? I have tried doing a recovery, but that didn’t help.


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Hi again all

I have done a recovery and all the windows font sizes and top windows bar sizes are different and look strange. I have gone display -->appearance -->advanced and set all the settings to that of my desktop, but it still looks strange and all out of proportion.

The only thing that I can think of is screen resolution: the laptop is 1400 x 1050 but my desktops (which look fine) are 1280 x 1024 and 1024x768.

Any ideas? cheers,


update: I have just connected my tft to the laptop and it dispalys everything fine(1280x1024), which means it means it must be something to do with the laptop screen etc

When i reduce the laptop resolution to 1280x1024 it doesn’t help…

Try disabling themes from the services. It’ll remove the eye candy and restore everything to the old windows look (which I, personally, like rather more), but it’ll also probably remove whatever abnormalities you’re experiencing.

yeah but i’d prefer not to revert to the old windows look, particularily because I have never really used an OS other than XP and so I am more at home with the XP look

shuebhussain > Did you wipe and clean install XP plain jane or use recovery disc?

I wanted to do it plane jane, but so far I have only done it with the recovery disc because i wanted some views on completely formatting laptop hard drives and how to deal with the hidden partitions etc as said in this thread.

ok got yeah. I’m wanting more info also. Will wait to see if anyone posts. thanks

Edit: I guess if it doesn’t work for some reason you can always start over and throw the recovery disc in :stuck_out_tongue: I just hate taking the time to re-install all my programs back and getting my settings back like i want. My wife likes this browser and programs and i like to use others she don’t. PITA

So you are wondering the same about acer laptops?
Btw have you given norton ghost a shot?

No just fomating a notebook hdd in general. I have Acronis True Image but why use it if i don’t want all the crap that came with my Sony Vaio. I was wanting to format and clean install XP. Partition it (2). Make it just like my desktop with OS on one partition and program .exe’s,mp3’s etc…saved on other. I’m just wondering about the hibernate and power saver stuff. Will XP will recognise it’s installed on notebook?

you didn’t delete the EISA partition did you? That would be the manufacturers hardware driver partition thats why its hidden so it doesn’t get wiped. If you go to the old windows look it will be the same set up as the xp theme just not as bright and memory consuming. just to see what I mean go into the themes section and select the windows classic theme, you can always go back to the xp theme if you like at anytime

no i didn;t delete the EISA partition, but what would happen if i did. (btw will norton ghost work OK if i tried it, so my settings and basic program installations need not be redone every recovery)

About the themes thing, I know what the ‘old’ style is like (our uni computers are mostly win2000 which looks similar). I just prefer the newer look, and am willing to sacarifice a little performance 'cos of it.

It is actually annoying me more than anything

edit I have just tried disabling themes and it doesn’t change the problems that I am having anyway - (font sizes, taskbar icon size and clearness, desktop icon font and size, start menu vertical spacing and font size …)

Just in case anyone is reading this thread following a search, I did eventually fix the issues in the initial post by doing a completely clean install.

I got rid of the EISA partition, and installed WinXP fresh (not with the recovery CD). It was as easy as a clean install on a desktop and I would highly recommend it so that you don’t have to have all the preinstalled junk apps. Obviously If you do this make sure you download the latest device drivers first.