Acer goes bigger with 3D LCD monitor



Acer goes bigger with 3D LCD monitor.

[newsimage][/newsimage]3D options for PC Gamers are still pretty slim, but Acer's muscling in with one of the biggest 3D LCD monitors yet.

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“The Acer HD235HZ…”

It’s “GD235HZ bid”, not with an H for those trying to find it.


Thanks, I’ve corrected the model name in the article.

It’s nice to see 3D PC monitors being released. I also think that this might be a better market for 3D instead of TV’s in the living room.


Yeah its a much better market. I would pay for 3D monitor but 3D tv meh.

Besides the Gamers shell out serious money. I think it will be harder to move regular house hold tv to 3D.