Acer DVD rom & Win Y2K Pro

Win Y2K Pro doesn’t find my dvd-rom.
I have Asus A7V and the dvd (acer 16/40) is installed on IDE2 master. I have Plextor 8/4/32A on IDE1 master.
During installation from DVD WinY2K suddenly seems to loose my DVD drive in it’s configuration although I start the installation from that DVD.
Should I switch the writer and the DVD???

hmmm, I assume you have SCSI hard drive then, if you use both drives on master…

Does it do this every time you boot, or did it do this once and now it won’t be recognized under Win2k anymore?

If it works for a short period of time after each reboot I have no idea what the problem could be. If it worked once and fails to do so ever since that disconnect, you might want to check the cables and BIOS settings (does it get recognized by the BIOS?)

I have ATA100 hd.
When I switch the drives the other one gets recognized but then the second one doesn’t…

Are you booting form the Windows CD, if so remember it changes the drive letter A to B and the CD becomes drive A, this can cause problems with recognising the drive after, suggest making a boot disk for the system and booting from floppy.