Acer CRW2010A Review @ CD-RW Central

I just posted the article Acer CRW2010A Review @ CD-RW Central. received the retail version of Acer’s CRW2010A drive. This new 20x 10x 40x CD-RW performs pretty bad according to the review.


Well … it’s not what we hoped…

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ACER sucks… Buy Japanese writers, a cent worth a thing. And Buy Taiwanese blank media… =)

My acer rocks!!! (1208a)I knew what I was getting before I bought it so it’s lame reading and slower speeds were no surpise. But the idea of no coasters, which I havent got yet, on anything copied suites me just fine.

Black-Wolf Sucks!!! :r He sucks and his $200 Plextor drive that can’t burn Safe Disc 2 Protected software.

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