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BJC1 used our newssubmit to tell us that there is a review of the Acer CRW1610A. This baby also Writes SD2 perfect, along with ALL other known protections. Here’s a part of the…

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Acer is cheap shit… Don’t even buy any ACER products… Every Taiwanese computer expert knows that in Taiwan. Acer is only good at importing games, selling books in Taiwan. Their computers sucked big time too. Buy Plextor or Ricoh, my suggestion.


Funny stuff coming from an idiot like Black - Wolf who obviously doesn’t know jack about technology! The ACER 1208a can burn SAFE-DISC 2 Protected CDs with ease. It cost $100.00 right now. The Plextor 12/10/32a and 16/10/40a can’t burn SAFEDISC 2 PROTECTED software and cost over $200.00. Basically, the ACER drive can copy EVERYTHING while the Plextor drive can copy some things…Plextor is overated and doesn’t perform up to the level of the “cheaper” competitor’s products so what does that tell you? Plextor sucks! :r P.S. Plextor making copy of SD2 protected software that only works in that one drive still sucks ass! :r


You fuck head Domino :wink: What you said is not just about technology, it’s about marketing, and quality. Firstly, no one knows SD2 was coming out, and everyone was getting 1210A like crazy because it could copy everything that were out there. Later, SD2 & other newly released protections came out, why are you comparing an old drive with a new drive? Should I bring this new drive out too from Plextor? Plextor released 2410A which will copy SD2, and everything out there at this moment! Who knows what will comes out next day? Cheers


I still want to know how anyone knows the new Plex copies SD2. And then does it copy it like the Acer, where it can be read in most drives. Or is it like the other plextors, where it can only be read in other Plextor drives? Theres working half assed with SD2… and then working 100%.


Black-Wolf, Plextor just screwed up so admit it. Philips drive could copy SD2 protected games the whole time you know why? Because they gave the drive almost every feature it could have for burning except for burn proof technology. Plextor just dropped the ball and made a half ass drive. :r You can spend another $200 dollars for another Plextor drive if you want to. Throwing away money is your business! Especially when you can buy a $100 drive and can copy everything. Wait, You want to be able to copy a game 5 minutes faster than I can…lol… Lets do the math here: Black - Wolf spends $400+ to be able to burn all CDs. (I get 400 cuz you bought an earlier Plextor) Domino - Spends $100 and can burn everything! Cheers! :slight_smile:


I make the following conclusions: there is no doubt that Plextor make much better drives. However, for a cheap drive the Acer seems like a really good choice, as it can copy anything, and has JustLink. owver I don’t thkin it overburns. The poor DAE is a problem for Acer drives, but won’t be a problem is you have a seperate drive for reading discs. As for the quality, I’ve got a Mitsubishi drive which is just a rebadged Acer, and I have has problems with it, but from what I can gather the Acer burners are usually reliable. Maybe Acer burners are better than they once were? One more point: for a reliable cheap drive the LGs are very good. They overburn, but they don’t copy heavily protected discs, and I don’t think they have BurnProof yet.


Good Point…ACER is actually a rebadged Philips drive with JUSTLINK TECHNOLOGY developed by ACER. The safest bet would be to use a Plextor drive as a reader and the ACER drive as the SD2 burner. Plextor drives are the best at reading. Just my 2 cents… P.S. The Acer drive can overburn too. I do it all the time with NERO! :slight_smile:


SEAMLESS link it’s called, nothing else.


I’ve recently bought the Acer CRW1610 and have a question. I’ve been attempting to copy CDs that are overburned (in upward sizes of 776 megs), and with the media I have (RCA), the Acer drive just doesn’t want to make a good copy. Is this a problem with the CDs themselves or with the drive? I’m not sure, because this is my first CDRW drive. This unit has been great when not attempting to overburn information, easy to install and the PrimoCD software is a very, very welcome package. So far, with the exception of the overburning issue, I haven’t had a single problem. Of course, I’ve only had a CDRW drive for a week, so you can take that with as much salt as you like. More on the overburning issue I’ve tried all kinds of programs, like CloneCD, DiscJuggler, PrimoCD Plus 2.0 and Nero, and when attempting an overburn (say, for a game like Guilty Gear X for the Dreamcast), most of the information seems to be on the CD, but there are errors that make the game unplayable. What’s stranger is that the slower I burned, the better the results were: With CloneCD, at 16x, I made something that wouldn’t boot at all; however, at 2x, the game at least loaded up but the music was haywire.


I don’t think the Acer drive overburns :r If you are using overburned 74 minute discs, burn them to 80 minutes discs and you won’t have and problems :slight_smile:


The thing is that I was trying to burn it to 80-minute CDs… my god, this thing doesn’t overburn? What a mistake I’ve made… (weeps silently) I had a feeling that it would be missing a feature. I realize that this drive has a major disadvantage only after I get it… >_<


Have you tried using a diffent brand of CDs, it could be that the drive has problems with the cds you are using. This is unlikely though, as my Acer drive has never had any problems at all with any brands of CDs. Maybe your drive is faulty. I’m guessing it doesn’t overburn, since my Acer drive (only 4x) doesn’t have it, but I may be wrong. In any case burning to 80 minute CDs does not use overburning. I hope this helps.


My Acer 1208a overburns. All you have to do to see if your drive supports it, have clonecd display a list of all the features your drive supports.