Acer CD-RW 'please insert medium'

Rar. This is so annoying. There’s no reason for my CD Writer to be dead…I havn’t exactly used it that much in the 5/6 months i’ve had it.

It’s an Acer 2410A.

Okay let me describe the problem. I’ve recently formatted and reinstalled XP. I installed Nero, and attempted to burn a VCD, only for it to spit the CD back out and say ‘please insert medium’. I retried with other blank Cd’s with no luck. Then I realised Ive always had problems with fresh installs of XP and my cd writer, so I downloaded the Adaptec APSI layer, and installed it. Still, the same problem.
I just thought it might be Nero being shite, so I downloaded Acoustica MP3 CD Burner. And again, it asks me to insert a CD.

What the fuck is the problem? Please help someone…

The burner is set to primary, so there won’t be anything slowing it down.


Thanks in advance…


You may try an uninstall of Nero; I had a similar problem a while ago whihc really puzzled me, couldn’t figure why it happened; a complete Nero uninstall (with registry editing) and reinstall solved it.

Sorry I can’t help you more; Give the Nero Uninstall routine a try.