Acer CD-RW Internal Drive for sale

I am selling an acer CD-RW internal drive 12x/8x/32x for PC. With IDE interface, model no: 1208A. Its on ebay (and going cheap) so…


you’d be doing me a favour by buying it, i really need the money - its in full working order, i just don’t need it anymore. Cheers.

Oh and any suggestions about where else i could advertise it? The auction ends tomorrow and i really need to sell…

problem is, nobody wants a CD-RW anymore. I’ve got a few 52x burners I haven’t used in a year or two, and I’d give them away for free if I knew of a person in need. I can’t even give these things away.


I just binned a Plextor 1610 last night-

It probably cost $150 originally!!


old plextor CDRW drives are still pricy, but those are the real plextor premium, made in Japan drives.