Acer cd-r's

Anyone had any experience with Acer Gold 24x 80mins.? CDR-Id says they are Phthalocyanine and made by Acer. Can’t find any user info on CD Freaks or any other site so far.

(Happy 32123s owner).


I’ve used acer discs for quite some time now and been very happy with them. My 12X certified acers won’t go higher than 24X without having some read-back problems. But as long as I use 24X or slower write speed they are excellent. And hey 24X is even double of what they are certified for :smiley:

Acer do even produce 40X certified discs now :smiley: Works at 40X with Benq and Lite-On writers(and probably most other 40X writers as well)…but probably not plextor since the plextor 40X is extremely picky about media.

Thanks, OC, I’ll give them a try then. I’m starting to move away from the cheapies, even though I’ve had very few problems with them. Only thing wrong with the Acvers - I don’t like slim cases!


Some people say ritek cd-r have a distinct oder when you open a pack of em.

I found some reasonable priced Acer CR-R in FLorida BEST BUY and they have an odd oder, could it be something to do with organic almonds?

Cd-ridentify says made by Acer.

Addendum. I’ve just downloaded the Liteon 32x CDR identifier proggy. It says they can be “smart-burned” at 32x. Bonus!