Acer c: & Acer data d: d was showing now its gone! help

I finally removed my hdd out my acer notebook and put it into an external
enclosure and connected it to my desktop pc.

It found C: on that drive which it replaced with an F:, but D: on that drive was no where to be found until I went into Computer management and manually typed in D: for that partition. I then saw and red all my files on that.
The real problem wasn’t until I switched on my pc the next day and this
D: was gone again.
I then went back into computer management and tried to type in D: for that
partition but this time it came up with an error saying “can not apply drive letter until you enable volume read, reboot to enable volume read”,
well I rebooted the computer ,but no D: was anywhere to be seen.
Please help, what do I need to do to get this back ?

i believe youll find the solution at this similar thread

and just to clarify , drive letters are not hardcoded , their determined by device order… , hard drive partitions comes first and optical drives after and removable drives after the opticals , and of course it depends on device order as alredy mentioned , sata controllers & ide controllers and the master/slave setting etc.