Acer Aspire Wont Recognize Sony Dwq58a

i bought an sony dwq56a dvd-rw drive to use in my acer aspire 1694 laptop as the pioneer dvr-k15ra doesnt burn properly (discs burnt on this drive will not play on alot of players including x box anybody any ideas on this one please)After fitting this new drive the laptop wouldnt boot at all. any ideas please anyone. I took the drive back to PC WORLD they could not even test it and just said it could be duff
yours hopefully sixgun

Most xbox drives are crappy.
An slimtype drive ALWAYS requires a connection specific firmware - obviously your burner has not the right one.

Am i right in understanding what u are saying is that the sony dwq58a has not got the right firmware to use in my acer aspire . If thats the case how do i find the right sort of drive for my acer. Thank u for your help . sixgun

What firmware is on the drive actually?

I dont know ive taken it back to pc world
thanks again