Acer aspire t180 3800 athlon x2 won't boot up

My son’s pc is 2 yrs old and will now not boot up properly. When switched on the monitor comes on and reaches the white acer boot screen showing the “del to enter setup” and “f12 for setup” messages.

Apart from a very brief flicker of the keyboard lights the keyboard won’t work and hence I cannot press Del/f12/f8 options to try to remedy.

There is no disk in the drive nor any usb device connected.

There is no apparent hard drive action beyond the monitor switching on.

Is the hard drive dead or is there a way around this problem? :sad:

You can test it by trying to boot from a CD. Do you have a windows install CD? If not, you can download a small linux distro like Puppy, burn it to CD and try to boot from it. You might have a power supply problem.

the boot up process doen’t seem to get as far as checking the cd/dvd drive or the hard drive.

On switching on there is one red light on the desktop, the keyboard lights (ie the num lock and caps lock keys light up) then all I get is the white acer screen. Can’t hear the hd or the fan start up.


I’m only guessing power supply. You might want to open up the case and clean out whatever dust you can, check the fan on the power supply for dust also.

will have a clean first to see what happens.

Upon searching there are a lot of posts on the internet reporting various similar problems with this desktop without finding a definite fix (probably because several different faults can lead to this problem??). Other things mentioned are using a usb keyboard (don’t own one) or trying to boot up having removed a memory stick (2 x 512mb on this) in order to access the BIOS. However, I’m no teccy and wouldn’t know what to do from that point…Any comments on this?

You can try removing one memory module and see what happens. You really don’t have anything to lose at this point. As for a usb keyboard, it’s hard to say, but it doesn’t sound like a keyboard problem to me.

I have cleaned the pc thoroughly. Now when I start up the monitor shows no signal but the fans work…The pc is making a beeping sound - one long beep then two short. Any clues?

We don’t know what Bios you have, but those beeps probably mean a bad video chip or bad video connection. From what I can tell, this PC comes with an integrated Nvidia video chipset which means it can’t be replaced, only the entire motherboard. You probably have a slot for an add-on video card though, check your user manual or any software documentation you might have.

thanks. Are you saying that if (the vido chip is kapput) I add a dedicated video card it will just bypass the onboard video?

I’m not 100% certain. Sometimes you have to disable the on board video in the bios first, sometimes adding a video card will disable the on board video and since you can’t get to the bios I don’t know what will happen.

If this is a new mobo case, then what type, how much and is this an easy diy job? If it isn’t straight forward then what could I expect to pay for fitting?

took it to a local computer shop. explained problem. he phoned back and said mobo was at fault (don’t they always say that?) and quoted a ridiculous price to replace (can buy new tower for the money).

going back to shop tomorrow to tell them that they can go and…(guess the rest!) but what mobo can I use in this machine and how big a job is it? Found a little more info on this pc but until I get the thing back I don’t have the serial number…
acer aspire t180 desktop athlon amd x2 3800 model 92.DUB7Z.UFM

My son’s desktop is just 2 years old and is failing to boot up. The fans run but then there is a long beep followed by two short beeps (repeated) which signifies an error code. Does anyone know what this could be? Onboard VGA chip failed? Anyone else experienced this fault?

The monitor does not connect “no signal” and so I can’t enter the POST screen to see what is happening or press the setup key.

I’ve taken this to a local computer repairer who has quoted a silly price to supply and fit a new mobo which is probably more expensive than replacing the tower unit!

Does anyone know what mobo this unit has/or what I can replace it with? I haven’t yet collected the tower from the shop but the spec for this computer (found this on the net) is as follows:

acer aspire t180 desktop athlon amd x2 3800 model 92.DUB7Z.UFM

Processor Type AMD Athlon 64
Processor Manufacturer AMD
Socket Type Socket AM2
Max Processors Qty. 1
Video Output Interface PCI Express
RAM Technology DDR2 SDRAM
Installed RAM 1 GB
Max Supported RAM 4 GB
Supported RAM Speeds 400 MHz
Technical Features
Integrated Input/Output Ports USB 2.0 x 6 • Serial Port x 1 • RJ45 Lan Port x 1 • PS/2 Mouse x 1 • PS/2 Keyboard x 1 • Parallel Port (ECP/EPP/SPP) x 1
Expansion Bays 1 x 5.25" Half-Height (External Access) • 1 x 3.5" Third-Height (External Access) • 2 x 3.5" Third-Height (Internal Access)
Expansion Slots PCI Express x16 x 1 • PCI Express x1 x 1 • PCI x 2
Memory Card Slots Memory Stick • SmartMedia • Memory Stick PRO • xD Picture Card • Micro Drive Memory Stick • MultiMediaCard • SD Memory Card • CompactFlash Card type I • CompactFlash Card type II
Other Features 64bit Ready
Hard Drive
Hard Drive Capacity 160 GB
Hard Drive Interface Serial ATA
Controller Type Serial ATA
Storage Controller RAID Level RAID 0 • RAID 1 • RAID 10
Optical Drive Type DVD±RW
Audio / Video
Graphic Processor NVIDIA GeForce 6100
Video Out Ports 15 Pin D-Sub VGA port x 1
Audio Input Microphone Jack • 1 x Line In
Audio Output Type Sound Card • Line out
Networking Type Integrated 10/100/1000 Network Card
Data Link Protocol Ethernet • Fast Ethernet • Gigabit Ethernet
Height 37 cm
Width 18.3 cm
Depth 45.5 cm
OS Certified Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition • Microsoft Windows XP Professional • Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition

Is removing and fitting a new mobo a simple enough job?

A few things to try before you condemn the motherboard…

  1. Verify that the [B]CMOS battery[/B] is good.
  2. [B]Reset CMOS[/B] and then retry. The act of taking out the CMOS battery will produce a reset.
  3. If you can get into BIOS see to it that your [B]onboard graphics [/B]has been selected.
  4. Try a different [B]power supply[/B].
  5. Look for[B] failed capacitors[/B] esp. near the processor…they will have slight bulges at their tops and possibly some leakage if they have failed.

will be getting the pc back tomorrow and will try thes things out. thanks