Acer Aspire E360

I’ve got an Acer Aspire E360 and can’t figure out to get the DVD/RW drive out, I disconnect all the cables and pull the drive back as far as I can, about half an inch, but then it won’t move any further. Is there anyone who can help me getting this drive out to replace it?

Sounds like you might have a screw that needs removed. Some pc’s have a set screw in the drive (but it can still slide back and forth about 1/2" or so). On one of my pc’s, I had to remove the entire case to get my drive out.

I tried removing every screw near the drive I could find; nothing. I thought it was that too, but it seems there’s something [I]above[/I] the drive that’s holding it in. Dang acer cases.

did anyone have an answer about how to remove dvd from aspire e360?

Answer to self: remove the front cover.

But something basically wrong with computer; on startup, strange beeping, clicking sound and most of time won’t boot…