Acer aspire 7735G anyone?

I dont know where I can ask about a certain laptop here… if anywhere.

I like the look of this laptop… but for the strangest of reasons I cannot find a single review of it on the internet. Seriously! Try it.

If anyone has anything to say on it, please let me know, i basically just wanna know if its reliable, the spec looks very good on it for the price.

I’m looking at getting one too - and couldn’t see any reviews either which I agree is very odd. Maybe it’s a new spec for the 7735 model?

I have ordered one to pick up from Argos so will hopefully get it in the next couple of days - if I remember I’ll reply here and let you know what it’s like!

Cheers man, that would help.

Hi again,

I picked up the laptop from Argos a few days ago and have had play around with it - seems fine.

Vista runs quick enough, connected to my WLAN ok and the screen and audio are all great too. All in all it’s pretty smart. The Vista performance rating is 4.1 if that means anything to you…
I also connected it to my HDTV with HDMI and it looked fine - not as sharp as on the laptop screen but we watched the iplayer on it and it was as good as watching on sky.

The only problem I have had is the laptop just turning itself off completely a couple of times but I am guessing that may be the CPU temp as it had been on a few hours at that point. I am going to email Acer to check if that is all it is.

Not sure what else I can tell you about it, I’m still confused as to why there are no reviews but I’m happy enough with it as a desktop replacement.

All sounds good then, yea, i think ill pick one up from argos soon aswell.

And about the laptop turning itself off, are you sure you charged it long enough when you got it?

just a warning, i also bought one of these (from argos) yesterday. aside from
listing it as a 2.16 ghz chip when it is in fact a 2.10ghz chip, i also had problems
with the laptop spontaneously shutting down. it just goes off instantly too. no
shutdown procedure, error message or blue screen.

this happened the first time i used it in it’s factory state within a few minutes
of booting it too. i installed a couple of games (after a few more crashes)
and found that it never seemed to crash while playing a game, but would regularly
crash if i just left it idle or browsed the net. i tried booting a linux livecd and it didn’t
crash while i left it on (20 minutes maybe) but that doesn’t really confirm that it’s
not a hardware problem.

i also found another report on the net of someone buying one of these and having
it repeatedly shut down so i suspect that not only are they all like this, but that acer
know it too and sent them out anyway.

i tried to take mine back today but they changed the sat opening hours and argos was
closed. i’m fairly sure i’m entitled to a full refund on either of two counts.
(the item not as described due to the incorrect clock speed and the fault (software or hardware)

third system i’ve bought with latent faults in a couple of years. they all just churn out
garbage these days (dell, toshiba, and now acer)

Mine has shut itself down and restarted a couple of times now so I have emailed Acer to see what they say.
I did think that if it was overheating, it wouldn’t restart again immediately so perhaps it is a fault…
As for the charging issue, it was plugged into the mains at the time.

I think with things like this, the shop won’t be bothered, they will just refer you to the manufacturer.

I would hold off for the moment irishboy!

Looks like I am gonna hold off then, since i havnt heard anything about them not breaking down…

Thanks for the warning, i might splash out a bit extra cash for one of them aspire 8xxx models, ive heard good things about them.

ok thanks for telling this, i was looking for a review myself too

despite the sad problem you guys have, i will buy this laptop within a few days
(because i know a good shop which provides good customer care, and i’ve worked there for a while too)

and vsin says it doesn’t crash at linux, so that’s a good thing, because i was planning to set ubuntu on the laptop

so when i have it, and tested it, i’ll come back and give some more info

now, after a little search, i’ve found someone who says he doesn’t have that problem at all
too bad i can’t acknowledge if he’s a good source,
because he is allready selling this 2 months old laptop with following reason: “i think 17 inch is too big”

but hey, if it’s true, this is good, right? :clap:

update: it finally crashed while playing a game too. i also found someone else with this problem. in fact, the only comments from people i can find anywhere about this laptop concern this problem. there are numerous reports in languages i don’t speak that seem to refer to it too. (google 7735g problem)

efari: i ran it for 20 minutes on linux. that doesn’t amount to any kind of guarantee that linux is immune.
i would strongly advise against anyone buying one of these until the fix is in, and we know what it entails. (simple software update, repair or replacement)

mine is going back either way. i’ll not be spending weeks on the phone to acer tech support nor sending it away for repairs for 3 months just so they can reinstall windows and tell me it’s fixed when it isn’t. they should have caught this before shipping them out and it’s their problem not mine.

well, that’s what i’m trying to tell you

i will buy this computer, at this shop i know
i will let this shop know about the problem, or ask what they allready know about it.
if they don’t acknowlegde there is any problem, i will ask them if i can buy the laptop at certain conditions (for example: refund if the problem exists), which they will provide

and then i will test the laptop (Windows and linux: ubuntu), and if i find out it does have any problems, i will go to the shop, and they will do all the calling to acer about it, so you or i don’t have to :slight_smile:

Vsin has pretty much made up my mind about not getting it, but ill wait for efari to give it another chance.

I’d be interested to hear what your friend in the computer shop thinks as well Efari.

Mine is still restarting - it did it as I was replying in this thread as well…
I contacted Acer and so far had one reply asking where I got it from (I think Comet and Currys handle repairs themselves).

If I need to send the laptop back, will I have to pay for postage - that seems pretty out of order when a week old laptop isn’t working…

i’m sorry,
the guy who says he hasn’t had that problem owns the aspire 7735ZG

the ZG is the same model, but perhaps without that error,
could this be the fix acer provided?

YES! Thank you, I have been trying to find information about the Acer Aspire laptop 7735G for ages around the internet. This place seems to be the only thing on the Internet that talks about the problem for this PC. I brought this laptop a few days ago from Argos for £599, and have experienced the same problems as you guys!!! When I first turned on the laptop and set up the computer in it’s factory settings it turned off and then started up again, and now every 20-60 mins it keeps turning off instantly without any warning and restarting. If I leave the laptop in idle state or browsing the internet it goes off instanly every 20-30 minutes, however, if I’m watching a movie it will stay on for about 60 minutes before restarting. I have checked the internal temperture of the laptop and the duo cores are always between 37-40 degrees (98F - 105F), so it can’t be anything to do with the fans or tempeture because I think that’s normal, could it?

I had to even write this twice because the laptop keeps switching off and keeps editng and saving all the time, I have checked it with the battery and with the laptop plugged in, but it still occurs, so it can’t be anything to do with the battery or mains supply. I even tried the laptop running in safe mode, but it still turned off after about 20 mins

Furthermore, everytime the laptop switches off, it makes a clicking sound. So what could this mean, something with the hard drive maybe???

I have not contacted Acer or Argos yet becuase I don’t know what to do. Please Help!

Sorry, to do another post again, the laptop switched off AGAIN, without warning! Another thing I was going to say is that it can’t be anything to do with the power mangemnet because is is all set never turn off on battery or AC Power.

Anyway I see people on here want to return this laptop and get a different make, but I don’t think Argos will let you. They said to me, you can’t return this laptop, only bring it in for repairs, but if I have to pay for any repairs or send it to Acer for postage and packing, then that seems unfair and something has to be done about it.

I still haven’t contacted Acer yet, but would like to hear how you guys got on if you have this laptop, it would be really helpful!!!.

[I]It’s not fair, I brought this laptop for my Dad and now he’s going to kill me for it not working even though it Acer’s fault[/I]


mine is going back either way. i’ll not be spending weeks on the phone to acer tech support nor sending it away for repairs for 3 months just so they can reinstall windows and tell me it’s fixed when it isn’t. they should have caught this before shipping them out and it’s their problem not mine.[/QUOTE]

Sorry vsin, I think your stuck with the Laptop I’m afraid, if you brought it from Argos. I agree that they should have sorted this problem before shipping, But let me know how you get on, and if you did manage to change the laptop or send it to Acer

I contacted Acer and so far had one reply asking where I got it from.

Hey Belchee, I brought my Acer 7735G laptop from a London branch of Argos, so I wonder if it could be a local thing. I will proberly contact Acer, but don’t know how to yet. Let me know how you got on with Acer and if they let you return your laptop