Acer Aspire 1400 Burner won't recognize DVD



Hi all. First post here, and it’s a problem!! So please be gentle with me.

Recently, my burner suddenly stopped recognizing any DVD’s (DVD+R, DVD+RW). It still works with CD’s though. I tried a cleaning disk. I have reinstalled my Nero software. I have tried accessing a disk though other multimedia programs and even through Linux with no success.

if i need buy a new burner,how about this burner ? i found it in google ,the price is which i can afford.

Does anyone have any other suggestions before I buy a replacement drive?

Burner: Acer Aspire 1400
OS: Windows XP


DVD drives have two lasers, one for reading and writing to dvds, and one for cds. It is entirely possible for one of them to fail and not affect the other.

Replacing drives in laptops is not quite as simple as desktops, but it looks like you have found an exact replacement drive. That should work.


how to Replacing drives on laptop? can u tell me or give me some video?