Acer and HP sue optical disc drive manufacturers

We’ve just posted the following news: Acer and HP sue optical disc drive manufacturers[newsimage][/newsimage]

Acer and HP follow Dell in sueing nearly all optical disc drive makers for price fixing.

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Gee - where do we sign up with the Thailand Flood Of Complaints Department?

What has Liteon done to NOT get sued?

Someone should add “drive” to the headline.:iagree:

Should be fixed now. Thanks katraine

I don’t think they have a case from '04 to ‘08 (ish) but after than all bets are off… especially with Blu Ray drives. That’s why major MFG didn’t include them in systems because they were too expensive. Street prices for cd rom, and dvd writers came down from 04’ to '08. I remember dvd writer prices bottoming out at $15 - $22 a piece street price… So, how much did these guys want them for in volume? $5?

I say go after them on the blu ray drives and drop the rest of the case, in the long run this will be better for consumers and we can see $35 blu ray drives finally make their holiday debut.