Acer 5520 laptop black screen strange story

[qanda]This thread is about the Acer Aspire 5520. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]First of all I all Im new here (this is my first topic)

Acer 5520 black screen and light flashing

Well to start off this is not my computer and i only want to now what is wrong with it.
Its a Acer 5520 laptop
When i turn it on normaly (by pressing the power button) like half a secound later the fan starts weekly and the power button glows green
a secound later the light shuts off and the fan stops working. A nother secound later the light lights up again but the fan stops spinning.
and again and again…
I’ve searched all the websites i could find but i couldn’t find the solution, untill i came accross a post that told me to press FN+Esc and the power button, that made the light blink orange and after pressin the power button like five times the computer turned on and the fan started to spin like crazy, the power light would hold green.
Then i thoght the problem was with the inverter so i took it oul to examine it. it looked like it was running nice and then the big discovery happend. i accidently toched the inverter while the laptop was on and the blacklight went white. so after a minute of thinkig i knew that the problem wasn’t with the backlight. The next day i was looking on the internet the manual for the laptop and i found out that the hhd recovery could be opend by using the alt+f10 buttons, so i tried that and it worked! the laptop started System recovery however my succes was short lived when i mindlessly pressed the start windows normaly button knowing that the harddrive wasn’t there (it broke with the laptop) and i got the blue screen of death! it said something but it quickly dissapeard i tried doing the same thing i did before with no succes. Finaly after a week of tring i finaly got the ACER logo up but it too quickly dissapeard. Also something to note that the computer had NO VIRUSES on it,trust me. The hdd is broken and it had some valuable info on it however im more interested in the laptop than the hdd. The warranty had expired and i dont want to take it to the repair shop.

Can someone tell me what is wrong!
Any help appretiated
Dont be affraid to give me anwsers!

I suggest moving out the hdd and connect it as a 2nd disk on another computer, then transfer the data to another harddisk. Check the copied data thoroughly for viruses,etc. Check if it’s reliable data and you didn’t miss anything.

Then start your laptop with a brand new harrdisk.

Nice Idea, i’ve already tested the hard drive and found that it’s broken beyond repair, but a broken hard drive doesn’t connect with the story because a computer with a broken hard drive should at least show the splash screen and start BIOS. I could just borrow another hardstick from a friend and test it out to see if it works, but i don’t it will work, and it could burn out my friend’s hard drive :bigsmile: :a

[QUOTE=vlad4242;2453295]because a computer with a broken hard drive should at least show the splash screen and start BIOS.[/QUOTE]

Actually no. This has been a very annoying “bug” of most BIOSes. If the Master Boot Record of the first installed harddisk is seriously messed up, there is a good chance you will not ever see a BIOS logo or something.

The “bug” is that the computer first reads the MBR, then processes the rest of the Power On Self Test (POST). Perhaps done because some BIOS tools reside on harddisks. I’m not sure.

Easy way to test this of course: Start up your computer without any harddisk at all and boot some linux live cd like Ubuntu.

If the laptop uses a SATA connection, you can purchase extension cords to connect a normal 3.5" sized harddisk to the harddisk connectors of the laptop.

If you can low level format your harddisk (all data seriously gone beyond normal recovery) you have a good chance you can see the BIOS logo again.

I tried what you said with an Vista Installation Disk not sure what you meant by (linux live cd like Ubuntu)? And i got yet another wierd story i’v previosly taken apart the laptop and i wanted to take it apart again to test the inverter and to get there i had to take off the pannel with the Power Button and the key board there was a cable connecting the power swich with the motherboard and it looked like it was bieng pulled apart too i disided to loosen it up to do that i took out the key bord but i still left it connected. So now the cable was loose and the keyboard was loose, so i now turn on the laptop and i notise it doesn’t flash the power light anymore :eek: :). But the screen still stood back and i press the f2 button on the keyboard. BEEEP! i hear. So i tested all the buttons on the key board if i still heard a beep sound. Suprisingly only the keys that you use Bios work. Like F1,F2,F3 AND UP, DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT, all of those made a beep. My guess now is that I need to test it with a WORKING HARD DRIVE, the Vista Insall CD, and I should somehow test if the bios is corupt. Any suggestions?

Oh and also the Cd whouldn’t eject on its own before. But now it can eject normaly and i also hear the disc spinning inside.

I have the same problem with the green light blinking, how did you get the alt <f10> butoon to work if you cannot get the computer to turn on?

Alright. Put in the battery, and remove the ac adapter. Press FN+ESC, then while holding the 2 keys press the power button. It should blink orange keep klicking it until it glows green. Then Simply press ALT+F10.

[QUOTE=vlad4242;2457440]Alright. Put in the battery, and remove the ac adapter. Press FN+ESC, then while holding the 2 keys press the power button. It should blink orange keep klicking it until it glows green. Then Simply press ALT+F10.[/QUOTE]
my Bios won’t show up
it works with Pressing fn+Esc then when it turns green, i try to press Alt+F10 But it doesn’t work do you know why?