ACER 5336 DVD AND KODAK printer ESP-3 install problems

The Acer 5536 does seem a nice notebook to work with, but some learning points to follow when first setting up.

1.Keep the default software supplied with the machine and patch it to the hilt on windows, office, antivirus etc. before you strat configuring or customising it. This will help you get over the Acer special of the notebook not recognising the DVD writer drive.

2.Installing a Kodak all in one printer ESP-3 has been a mess, with ‘Kodak’ and the ‘TechGuys’ both unable to resolve. The machine had to be re-imaged to default, patched to the hilt, then install the Kodak software which then required no parameter modifications or disabling of any porcesses or hardware e.g. webcam (thanks Kodak for a waste of time). It is suspected that the main issue is that the patching of the OS to service pack 2 is an essential item rather than interraction with the Norton Antivirus software which was installed by the user - but which did not allow the machine to complete the Kodak install according to Kodak - their solutions did not fix the problem…