Acer 22" WS LCD Monitor at Newegg - $219.99 Shipped!

Here. Promo code for free shipping is: EMC719DISP02

Decent reviews. Don’t know much about Acer, but this model has 16.7 million colors (not 16.2 by dithering like most cheaper models), HDCP Compliant, includes D-Sub and DVI cables, and a 3-year warranty. Only thing I’d be concerned about is the cheaper base stand and low back mounting point, which may be prone to bobbing while typing if the desk isn’t solid.

Wish this deal had been around a month or so ago when I bought two 22" Samsung monitors for $70 more each…

I think the 16.7M is a misprint. First it’s 5ms response indicates 16.2M, and if you google the model number plus 16.2 you’ll see a lot of sites with that listed as the spec. Still a pretty good deal for 22" and unless your doing graphics work dithering is fine.

I have two Samsung 5ms monitors and they are certainly 8-bit 16.7 million color LCDs. But I wouldn’t be surprised if that Acer is really a 6-bit panel and that is why it is discounted so. I have read about other Acers listed with the wrong color spec as well… probably a deliberate misrepresentation.

Edited - I read through the user reviews and didn’t see any obvious reports of it not being 16.7 million colors as I’ve seen with other Acer models so the jury is still out on this one…

Too bad I just got the AOC 22" from OfficeMax for $240 OTD.

I have one of these and it is indeed a 8-bit 16.7 million color LCD
i got mine from OD for $199 after a $70 rebate about a month ago …i love this monitor

Very good deal you can’t beat that.

I got the samsung for $199.99 after $40 Rebate a year ago. Just that the newer samsung 22" is much better, no leakage and the color is more natural at default setting. Mine, I have to calibrate carefully and precisely. It is a good deal nonetheless. I am just waiting for a good deal on 24" LCD but all seem to be TN panel even under Samsung brand. So I am waiting for the newer dell 24" or 30" to go on sale because I need a big screen to watch TV on. As a student, I dont want to buy a TV separately, I want to keep everything minimal

If monitor is 16.7 million then it’s 8-bit. If it is 16.2 million then it is 6-bit since manufacturers use dithering or frame rate control (FRC) to increase the colors for 6-bit monitors from 262K to 16.2. But some Samsung monitors use Hi-FRC to simulate even more colors to 16.7 million colors, but it is still a 6-bit monitor, like the 216BW.

BTW: If your samsung has a T in the model name, then it is 8-bit. If it has BW in the model name, then it is 6-bit.