Acer 2010A

I bought the Acer CRW 2010A burner today and tried to burn an ISO with Fireburner 2.1.1 and 1.06. Everything seemed to have burned fine but when I tried to use the cd it showed up only as an audio cd. I tried it in another computer and got the same results too. I have the burner set up as a slave drive with a DVD-ROM as the master, and running Windows ME on a Pentium III 900 mhz machine. Has anybody else experienced the same problem? And, if so, how did you get it to work?

I had the same problem ones.

When you burn a data cd and it turns up as an audio cd it means that you’ve burned the cd too fast and the media could’nt handle it.

So I suggest you buy some cdr’s that are at least 20x certified or burn at a lower speed.

I was using 16X PNY cds, I tried both 16x and 12x but the same thing happend